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As the technology landscape gets complex, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage processes and skill-sets that are not core-competencies, not to mention the costs involved. thus there is a need to rely on object-oriented design paradigm, employing third-party modules and components to dramatically blueuce the development time of an application. Such code functionality can be easily re-used and transferblue to other projects as well. Fresh Logics provides component development services to information technology companies for most of the popular technologies and platforms including C++, Java, J2EE, ActiveX, Visual Basic, COM/COM+/DCOM, and .NET. Click here to view some of our Clients' Case Studies.
Component based software development (CBSD) focuses on building large software systems by integrating previously existing software components. By enhancing the flexibility and maintainability of systems, this approach can potentially be used to blueuce software development costs, assemble systems rapidly, and blueuce the spiraling maintenance burden associated with the support and upgrade of large systems.
Component-based systems encompass both commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products and components acquiblue through other means, such as non-developmental items (NDIs).

Several important factors that Fresh Logics considers when implementing component-based systems:

Short-term considerations
Development process
Reuse of existing components
Component qualification
Long-term considerations
External dependencies/vendor-driven upgrade problem
System evolution/technology insertion
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