Paper Generator | Examination Paper Generator

Paper Builder


The paper generator is the one & only software for setting examination question paper. The software performs all tasks related to paper setting, starting from preparing question bank to printing paper and answer key. Software is very useful for small medium and large scale institutes.

 Key Features:

  • Complete and automatic paper generation
  • Storing paper
  • Very large question bank
  • Making paper without repeating with previous paper’s questions
  • Printing answer key
  • Built in backup and restore facilities.
  • LAN compatible.
  • Compatible with any windows-9X or higher.
  • The software is both menu and screen driven.

 Paper Master

Master Tables:

The paper generator software provides you all kinds of masters that are in customizing mode so that you can add the things as per requirements like

  • Subject Master
  • Class Master

Question Bank:

The paper generator software gives you full facility to make question bank. You can arrange the question with there complete detail including diagrams and answer. You can arrange the question bank according to subject, class, section and difficulty.

 Preparing question paper:

You can set your paper either automatically or manually

  • Simply select class, subject and questions and click to print the paper and the rest of work will be done automatically by software.
  • It automatically generates question paper by simple gives the number of question and difficulty of question.
  • Automatic generated paper will not have the repetition of questions of the previous paper.
  • You can also print answer key of your paper.

Security Features:

  • Password facility to ensure validity of user
  • Intelligent validation for each entry.
  • User defined data access.
  • Data secrecy

Bonus Tools:

Paper generator software provides many useful tools like

  • Appointment list to inform you about your appointments.
  • Address daily that holds the address and additional information of the particular person.
  • Daily Notes which records any note for a particular day
  • Memoranda keep personal information.
  • Emergency list
  • Inbuilt games.
  • View all log detail


The reports, generated by paper generator, can be printed on any printer like Dot matrix, inkjet and Laser etc.