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   FreshLogics launches new website. - 21 November 2005
  A whole new look isn't all that's different with this new site - FreshLogics incorporates new features such as various webdevelopment plan offerings, a project quote area, and a section with News. Along with these, tighter security measures have been incorporated into the order process as well as a more user-friendly style to the process itself. Customers can easily find answers to their questions via the FAQs page and the Knowledgebase and will see a major improvement in ease of site usability overall. Stay tuned to the News section for upcoming news and articles on Freshlogics.
   Freshlogics extended its work forced. - 18 November 2005
  freshlogics extended its work forced by 30% after getting a continuous outsourcing /offshore projects from USA and Europe. New USA calling number. FreshLogics installed its new USA Calling number, now US client can call us on new number for all there queries and support. We also provide support from online chat and messenger. Please see our support pages for further details.
   New version of EcomLogics It's our pr - 17 November 2005
  This release contains a number of new features , updates according new search engine trends. Details on all the changes in this release can be found in the ecommerce pages of our web site.
   Web development package Prices Slashed - 18 July 2005
  FreshLogics slashed its prices for all web development packages from 5 to 10%.