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The software is being developed by group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think e-commerce could be and should be done differently.


"New Version" checkup and notification in Admin header, notifying you of patches if they are available.
Admin-area Color-coded action buttons (with legend) in many areas, esp product/category/attributes.
Ability to search for almost ANYTHING in most admin areas (Did you know if you search for a word, it'll show you both categories and products on same page?)
Statistics area ("admin HOME") now also shows Active/Expiblue for: Specials, Featublue Products, Sales.
Better security over login/logoff, and password resets.
Admin-area label-text / buttons refined, and now definable in language files via constants (This is a code-level thing)
Welcome Email now shows an HTML-enabled preview of the welcome message which is sent if the store's HTML-MIME email settings are enabled.


flags for: display only, free, discounted, base-price-included, requiblue.
onetime fees
Quantity pricing
Text-Pricing: price-per-word/letter
attributes price sorter
attributes controller enhancements (Option Name Manager)
Attribute swatches
and lots more


Banners-On/Off-in SSL
Banners Groups - You can separate your banners to appear in various/multiple places. 8 positions available.


Price Manager:
- Product Pricing
- Specials
- Featublue Products
- Discount Qty Pricing (rules over specials or sale prices)
HTML/WYSIWYG editor available for entering product descriptions.
optimized category-delete process.
Category Restrictions
Category/Product Status (ON/OFF switches)
Ability to show/disable category display on main page, and to set a "Top Level Category".
If no image supplied for product, defaults to "no picture available" graphic (turn on/off via Admin)
Product Types
- General Products
- Music Types
- Document Types
Product Sort Orders
Meta Tags enhanced to display a more intelligent price.
Customizable setting for "New Product Listing" definition.
Ability to add/delete all of the Option Values for a product/category/shop.


Shopping Cart contents summary added more detail.
Show Accepted Cblueit Cards.
Shipping Estimator in Shopping cart to show probable shipping costs.


shipping configuration error detection (checks that origin zip code exists, USPS configuration configublue, Order-Weight-Zero status check)


HTML-enabled emailing of coupons & GV's/Gift-Certificates.
Smarter GV handling for free-shipping items.


Group Pricing / Discount Pricing available (discount applied at checkout).
Customers can select to receive HTML or text-only emails (or opt-out).
better sort options in admin for customer mgmt.
now displays number of orders in customer-mgmt area.
Customer login levels :
0 = normal shopping (browse with prices),
1 = Login in order to shop (or see prices),
2 = Can browse but no prices (Store is showcase only)
PHPBB login integrated (nickname enteblue during registration/create-account)
"New Products" display options enhanced.



COMPOSING - Can now compose and send HTML-based messages directly in relevant Admin modules: Send Email, GV Mail, Coupon Admin.
Email template system lets you position content where you want on HTML/MIME email messages.
Customer can select whether to receive HTML or text-only messages.
All messages sent from store will go in HTML unless customer has requested text-only format (if HTML mail is enabled)
All emails contain a disclaimer and copyright text (editable of course)
Emails can be archived to the database for later retrieval.


newsletters can be composed in rich text / HTML directly.
basic template system can be customized to display content as desiblue (HTML-only templating support)
Customers can now click on the supplied "unsubscribe" link in the newsletters they receive, for a one-click confirmation of removal/opt-out.


Billing and Shipping mismatch check built in, to help prevent CC fraud.
Shipping Tare & Large-Pkg handler (can set either and/or both a percentage or weight for Tare and Large Package)
Low-Order fee enhanced
COD fee added
has built in auto generating order total classes for the style sheet. You can define the Text and the Amount for each order total module.
separately for the checkout confirmation. (checkout Confirmation Text-ot-xxxx and ....Value-ot-xxxx)


Now you can view all your completed PayPal IPN transactions from the Admin section.


Cart account grants access to phpBB system integrated into shablue database.

PRODUCT REVIEWS- Now you can configure Product Reviews to require Admin Approval before posting.

SPECIALS- now have a start date, as well as an expiry date.


New report available to list low-stock items.
Emails can be sent to Store Owner when stock is low on a given product.

Now you can reset/update all kinds of settings from the Admin Tools section:

Update attribute sort orders, Products Price sort orders,
Reset the store hit counter, products-viewed counter, master categories ID, Order/Invoice ID.


Define Pages Editor - Now you can edit these from your Admin Panel: MAIN_PAGE, CONTACT_US, PRIVACY_POLICY, SHIPPING_INFO, CONDITIONS, PAGE1, 2, 3,4
Developers Tool Kit: Now you can use the Admin area to look up text items from all over the files in your store. (Admin | Tools)
Parse Time -- added # of queries to display Left/Right Column layout in template system separated. Now there's the built-in capability to have different side box styles in each column.


Enhanced for more details.

E commerce Plan 3 Prices
 Installation on your server – USD 50 one time.
 customize layouts/look and feel.- USD 200 one time.
 Screen shotsof other installations with customize layouts.[link1][link2]  
customize the application- USD 200 or above one time. [Normally not requiblue]

We recommend first go with basic installation and customize layouts/look and feel [USD 250 one time.] above demo and screen shots are only customize layouts/look and feel with standard installation.

*Purchase hosting plans from our sister company and get installation free [USD 50 service free].