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Finance Assistant

Finance management software / system is developed by combining comprehensive study, views from the experts of finance fields and feed back of finance companies. It empowers your business to manage finance more efficiently. It is a financial tool for professionals dream to achieve better result and plan of growth.

Key Features:

  1. Maintain all Accounts automatically after financing a party.
  2. Handle multiple companies with multiple financial years.
  3. Traverse through any financial year.
  4. Automatic EMI calculation
  5. Penalty & Interest calculation.
  6. Set sure accounts with your date already up to date.
  7. Built in backup and restore facilities.
  8. LAN compatible.
  9. Compatible with any windows-9X or higher.
  10. The finance management software is both menu and screen driven.

Security Features:

  1. Password facility to ensure validity of user
  2. Intelligent validation for each entry.
  3. User defined data access.
  4. Data secrecy


  1. The finance management software / system includes all principle heads of commercial field.
  2. We can also customize the heads as requirements.


  1. Unlimited accounts may be maintained through various heads.
  2. All necessary information of particular account is also kept.


  1. Voucher number is generated automatically or can be edited by user.
  2. All voucher types like payment, receipt, contra, journal, sale, purchase etc. can be viewed according to date.

Powerful Feature:
Finance Assistant:

This is very useful tool. After filling the finance information, all the accounting work is done automatically.

  1. Automatic EMI calculation.
  2. Dates of installment.
  3. Installment amount
  4. Late interest calculation.
  5. Provide all accounting methods.

The reports, generated by the finance management software, can be printed on any printer like Dot matrix, inkjet and Laser etc.

Financial Reports:

  1. Party list
  2. Late installment list.
  3. Installment received list.
  4. Outstanding installment list.

These all are generated automatically and can be printed on the base of day, month year or city.

Accounting Reports:
The finance management software provide facility to view and print

  1. Ledger list.
  2. Ledger books with daily / summary options.
  3. Trial Balance with closing balance and detailed options.
  4. Balance Sheet, quick view of current Assets and Liabilities.
  5. Report of every head can also be generated on the closing and detail based.

Bonus Tools:
Finance management software provides many useful tools like 

Appointment list to inform you about your appointments.

  1. Address daily that holds the address and additional information of the particular person.
  2. Daily Notes which records any note for a particular day
  3. Memoranda keep personal information.
  4. Emergency list.