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HostRightNow’s Payroll System - Labour Consultant

Payroll accounting management software will manage your consultancy more efficiently. All kinds of problems related to PF, FPF, EPF and ESI are solved excellently by the software. The complete software is working according to the rules and acts, like:

  • Employee’s Provident Fund & mics. Provision act 192
  • Employee’s Provident act 1952.
  • Employee Pension Scheme 1995.

Key Features:

  • Maintain all Accounts automatically.
  • Allow to add/ update staff / employee and calculates salary for them.
  • Handle multiple companies with multiple financial years.
  • Traverse through any financial year.
  • Automatic PF calculation
  • Automatic filling PF return.
  • Automatic ESI calculation.
  • ESI return filling.
  • Automatic calculation of Bonus under rule 4(D)
  • Automatic updating data.

Security Features:

  • Password facility to ensure validity of user
  • Intelligent validation for each entry.
  • User defined data access.
  • Data secrecy


  • The payroll accounting management software gives facilities to create companies and set there departments.
  • We fill all the data related to an employee only once and the use them in many calculation automatically.

Transactions Tool:

The Payroll accounting management software handles all kinds of transaction details of each employee.


According to year, month issue date, ESI challan date and PF challan date, we can fill and print automatically all kinds of reports like:

  • A complete wage register, to hold all wages details of an employee.
  • Wages slip can be printed for any employee.
  • A complete PF Ledger, that holds the ledger details of any company.
  • Form-12 A, a complete revised PF outer form report.
  • Complete return form for any new appointment.
  • Return of leaving service for any employee.


The reports, generated by payroll accounting management software, can be printed on any printer like Dot matrix, inkjet and Laser etc.


  • Automatic calculation of ESI
  • Automatic filing of ESI return.
  • Automatic ESI calculation on half yearly ( April to Sept. and Oct. to march)


Payroll accounting  management software can also calculate the PF return automatically.

  • PF for individual.
  • Automatic filling of PF.
  • A complete annual register for the company.
  • Bonus register to calculate the bonus according to rules.
  • Employees leave register is also maintain in our software.

Blank Forms:

Many blank forms are available in ready to use format like:

  • Challan form for deposit in ESI
  • Joint challan a/c deposit form.
  • Form-1 declaration form.
  • Form-2
  • Form-3 return of declearation form.
  • Form-10C.
  • Form-18.
  • Form-19.
  • Form-20 Notice of accident form.

Form-31 Application Form for advance from the fun.