Saral Account Software

Saral Account

Saral Account is developed by combining comprehensive study, views from the experts of accounting fields. The software makes very easy to handle your accounts with a little knowledge of account.

Key Features:

  • Maintain all Accounts automatically.
  • Handle multiple companies with multiple financial years.
  • Traverse through any financial year.
  • Heads creations.
  • Ledger creations
  • Voucher Management.
  • Set your accounts with your data already up to date.
  • Built in backup and restore facilities.
  • LAN compatible.
  • Compatible with any windows-9X or higher.
  • The saral account software is both menu and screen driven.

Account Master


  • The saral account software includes all principal heads of commercial field.
  • We can also customize the heads as required.


  • Unlimited accounts may be maintained through various heads.
  • All necessary information of particular account is also kept.

Security Features:

  • Password facility to ensure validity of user
  • Intelligent validation for each entry.
  • User defined data access.
  • Data secrecy

Vouchers Creation

The saral account software gives very advance tool to handle all your vouchers, with keyboard shortcuts.

  • Voucher number is generated automatically or can be edited by user.
  • All voucher types like payment, receipt, contra, journal, sale, purchase etc. can be viewed according to date.

Accounting Reports:

The saral software provides facility to view and print

  • Ledger list.
  • Ledger books with daily / summary options.
  • Trial Balance with closing balance and detailed options.
  • Balance Sheet, quick view of current Assets and Liabilities.
  • Report of every head can also be generated on the closing and detail based.

Bonus Tools:

Saral account software provides many useful tools like

  • Appointment list to inform you about your appointments.
  • Address daily that holds the address and additional information of the particular person.
  • Daily Notes which records any note for a particular day
  • Memoranda keep personal information.
  • Emergency list


The reports, generated by saral account software, can be printed on any printer like Dot matrix, inkjet and Laser etc.