Phone Dialer Software


Phone Dialer

If your phone is used out of control by persons like neighbors, your workers or children. You want to prevent the misuse of your phone calls and want the call list of phone calls made by your phones, then we gives a better solution for your telephone problem.

Just bring HRN Phone Dialer and connect your phone to modem of your computer, and leave other things to do on it.

Key Features:

  • Prepare all kinds of lists of phone calls made by your phone.
  • No need to request telephone exchange to send a call list, it is available in your software at your room.
  • Make STD call list for any time period.
  • Find anyone’s phone number by looking in the digital directory.
  • Find the address of anyone by search facilities.
  • Can be easily be interfaced with EPBX to set a lock digit (number) for your phone, to prevent the unwanted outgoing calls.
  • Find list of numbers of a name.
  • Built in backup and restore facilities.
  • The software is LAN compatible.
  • Compatible with any windows-9X or higher.
  • The automatic phone dialer software is both menu and screen driven, provides on screen shortcuts.

Security Features:

  • Password facility to ensure validity of user
  • Intelligent validation for each entry.
  • User defined data access.
  • Data secrecy

Bonus Tools:

This Automatic phone dialer software provides many useful tools like

  • Appointment list to inform you about your appointments.
  • Address daily that holds the address and additional information of the particular person.
  • Daily Notes which records any note for a particular day
  • Memoranda keep personal information.
  • Emergency list has the things used in emergency.