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We have been providing from small businesses to large-scale businesses with our user-friendly ecommerce web sites. Our eCommerce web solutions include custom online shopping web sites with the latest payment processing, custom shopping carts, order tracking and management, and customer relation tools. The ultimate purpose of our ecommerce web development is to provide you with solutions that are easy to use, simple to manage and allow your company to sell products or services online. Shopping Cart Site (ecommerce web development solution) solves all your ecommerce purposes.

Shopping Cart (Ecommerce Site)

Our ecommerce development based Shopping Website provides you with a complete ecommerce shopping cart solution that includes absolutely everything you need to sell online. This is very easy to use and loaded with several features that make shopping on your website very user-friendly. You even don’t need a professional to manage this shopping cart. You can handle it on your own the way you like.

Here are some of the features of Shopping Cart Site in short:

ADMIN AREA – It includes HTML editing along with site content, products & category management and other required features.
ATTRIBUTES – Flags for: display only, free, discounted, base-price-included, requiblue. One-time fees, Quantity pricing, Text-Pricing: price-per-word/letter, attributes price sorter, attributes, controller enhancements (Option Name Manager), Attribute swatches, and many more.
BANNERS – You can separate your banners to appear in various/multiple places.
CATEGORIES & PRODUCTS – It provides the ability to show/disable category, meta tags enhanced, ability to add/delete all of the option values for a product/category/shop and many more.
CHECKOUT – It includes Shopping Cart contents summary, accepted Cblueit Cards, shipping estimator.
CONFIGURATION – It includes detection of shipping configuration error
COUPON-ADMIN / GIFT VOUCHERS/CERTIFICATES – It includes HTML-enabled emailing of coupons & GV's/Gift-Certificates, smarter GV handling for free-shipping items.
CUSTOMERS – It allows you to provide your clients different login levels along with several features.
MAIL – Composing, choosing HTML or text-only messages, a disclaimer and copyright text, retrieval.
NEWSLETTER MANAGER - Composing newsletters in rich text or HTML, "unsubscribe" facility for customers.
ORDERS – Billing and shipping mismatch check built in, shipping tare & large-package handler.
PAYPAL IPN - View all your completed PayPal IPN transactions from the Admin section.
PHPBB INTEGRATION - Cart account grants access to phpBB system integrated into shablue database.
PRODUCT REVIEWS - Now you can configure Product Reviews to require Admin Approval before posting.
Some more features are there like; Stock, store manager, templates, etc.

Free Add-ons with Ecommerce Shopping Cart.

Free payment gateway integration: You will get free payment gateway integration with our ecommerce Shopping Cart Site. We will integrate payment gateway on your website, so that you could get the online payments very easily, fast and secure. In this way you will be able to manage your transactions, avoid fraud and grow your business.
Free press release creation & submission: You will get free Press Release and submission with our ecommerce Shopping Cart Site. We all know that press releases are playing a vital role in Search Engine Optimization, as they get a back link and visitors to a website. We will make a press release for you and submit this to 10 press release websites.We will create some of your important static pages like; CONTACT US, ABOUT US, PRIVACY POLICY, SHIPPING INFO, TERMS & CONDITIONS, etc.
Free unlimited space hosting for the first month: We will provide you free unlimited space hosting for the first month with our ecommerce Shopping Cart Site. Your website will be hosted with leading web hosting firm "" (well known hosting firm for priority support and affordable web hosting packages) This is going to cost around $8-$10 per month, if you host your website somewhere else.
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