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Hospital Management System

  • The hospital management software is excellent software in the hospital management field. It manages all section of the hospital like reception, lab, indoor patient management, outdoor patient management, laboratory management, inventory and account etc.
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Key Features:

  • Complete and automatic operating of reception.
  • Laboratory management.
  • Indoor Management
  • OT Management
  • Complete history of patients.
  • Up to-date account management with all accounting needs.
  • Maintaining the inventory section of your hospital.
  • Build in backup and restore facilities.
  • LAN compatible.
  • Compatibles with any windows-9X or higher.
  • The software is both menu and screen driven.
  • Instant voice help available on all forms/options.

Hospital Master

Master Tables:

The hospital management software provides you all kinds of masters that are in customizing mode so that your can add the things as per requirement like.

  • Test Types
  • Test
  • Wards
  • Diagnosis
  • Employees
  • Groups
  • Uses
  • Hospitals Description
  • Products
  • Ledgers


  • A more advance reception for all required operations to be done automatically.
  • Creating a new patient entry.
  • View and modify all old patient details.
  • Select any patient, calculate his bill for the different facilities provide by you like lab test charge, sonography charge, E.C.G. Charge, X-ray charge, ambulance charge, any additional service charge
  • The software will print two copies of bill and send data to report printing department.

Security Features:

  • Password facility to ensure validity of user
  • Intelligent validation for each entry.
  • User defined date access.
  • Data secrecy.
  • You can hold the complete details of doctors of your hospital.
  • You can also manage the issue register.


  • The hospital management software provide a complete and automatic indoor management
  • You can see the occupancy of your hospital.
  • You can see the treatment given to a particular patient.
  • You can see the services given to a particular patient
  • You can see the deposits of any patient.
  • You can prepare discharge ticket and discharge bill of any patient.
  • You can see the due detail of bills.

Hospital Record:

  • Delivery and Birth Record
  • Death Record
  • Copper –T Record
  • Generator Record
  • D & C /MTP Record

Hospital Reports:

The hospital management software provide faculty to view and print all kinds of medical reports from date to date. These reports are prepared automatically and accurately.

  • Death
  • Daily Register
  • Indoor Register
  • OT Register
  • Ambulance Register
  • Delivery Register
  • Death Register
  • Copper-T Register
  • Generator Register
  • D&C/MTP Register
  • Cast wise summary
  • Village wise summery
  • Doctor wise summery
  • Month wise summery
  • Day wise summery
  • Old Cash Register

Test Result Printing:

In the hospital management software we can generate and print the test results.

  • Serum chemistry test
  • Serum chemistry test
  • Hematology test
  • Urine test
  • Serology test
  • Sputum test
  • Seminal fluid test
  • Stool test
  • Thyroid function test
  • Urine chemical
  • Examination test
  • Pregnancy test


  • The Reports can be printed on any printer like Dot matrix, inkjet and laser etc.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Hardware PC with Pentium-I, 233 MHz processor, 32 MB RAM, 500 MB hard disk space, CD ROM drive, VGA monitor. Software: window95 or higher.

Account Master


  • The Software includes all principal heads of commercial field.
  • We can also customize the heads as per requirement.


  • Unlimited accounts may be maintained through various heads
  • All necessary information of particular account is also kept.

Accounting Reports:

The hospital management software provides facility to view and print

  • Ledger list.
  • Ledger books with daily / summary options.
  • Trial Balance with closing balance and detailed options.
  • Balance Sheet, quick view of current Assets and Liabilities.
  • Report of every head can also be generated on the closing and detail based.

Inventory Master

The hospital management software also provides facility to maintain complete inventory like:

  • Sale / Purchase data entry
  • Sale / Purchase return

Inventory Reports:

All kinds of inventory reports can be generated within seconds and printed by our software.

  • Stock report
  • Sale / Purchase book
  • Stock Ledger
  • Sale / Purchase return book

Bonus Tools:

The hospital management software provides many useful tools like

  • Appointment list to inform you about your appointments.
  • Address daily that holds the address and additional information of the particular person.
  • Daily Notes which records any note for a particular day
  • Memoranda keep personal information.
  • Emergency list