What are the four software development imperatives? And why are they important?

The Freshlogics Software Development Platform embraces best practices that enable organizations to automate and integrate their software development process. These four key imperatives are associated with software development success: Develop iteratively: An iterative development process yields increasingly improved versions of a software system until it is ready for deployment. The Freshlogics Software Development Platform provides all team members with a common understanding of how software is created in an iterative fashion. Focus on architecture: A properly designed architecture ensures that your application will meet business needs, perform acceptably, and be adaptable over time. Continuously Ensure Quality: Too often, software development organizations do not test for software quality until late in the project lifecycle. By continuously ensuring quality from the beginning, teams are better able to deliver expected results at lower cost. Manage Change and Assets: The on demand enterprise thrives on controlled change. IBM change management solutions help you implement a managed approach to change that also guards against corruption of assets. For further details go to: Building the On Demand Business: Four Imperatives for Improved Software Development.