What if My Graphic Files Are in a Format You Can't Read?

Don't despair. There are several options to explore. First, if you have software that lets you view and save the file type, try opening your graphic in that software and saving it as a different file format-one that we can use. In most software packages, this is done either by the "File, Save As" or the "File, Export" menu selections. Whichever your package uses, selecting it will open a dialog box in which you can pick the file format for export of your graphic. Use GIF or JPG formats if those options are available to you. If not, just choose one of the types in the "acceptable format" list above. If the self translation option won't work, how about having your file converted by the graphics firm that created it? Then again, you might find a local print shop with dye sublimation printing capability that can provide you a high-resolution color print from your file. We can then scan the graphic from your print. If none of this helps, call us and discuss the file translation problem. Perhaps we can solve it by working with a graphics house here.